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Spinnaker & Gennaker Poles

Spinnaker & Gennaker Poles

When flying downwind sails, it is important to have the right equipment on board to optimise the performance. We will guide you through the options available to have the pole dimensioned correctly and stored on board safely.

It helps to know the terminology of the type of pole you are looking for. The spinnaker pole is to fly the spinnaker, and the whisker pole is to fly the Genoa downwind. The telescopic pole maximises your downwind performance and minimises the stowage. They can all be stored vertically on the mast. The gennaker pole is designed to fly the gennaker/cruising/ asymmetric forward of the bow.

Correct Measures

To determine the right mast/boom sections and standing rigging we have to calculate the Righting Moment. Our rigging team will collect the correct measures to calculate the appropriate rig for your yacht.